Pine Trees Quilt

This was the second quilt I cut out and started, but probably the ninth or tenth quilt I actually finished. I did all right putting the trees together, but when I was finished, not all the tree blocks were the same size, and I had to gain some experience before I could figure out what to do.


(I cut borders in dark green and sewed on to each block, then trimmed so all the blocks would be the same size.)

I love green and white – must be some Scandinavian heritage thing – and I loved working on this quilt, and for all its flaws, it is still one of my favorites.

Flaws? I should tell you? *she sighs* Ah yes. Well, if you look closely, you will see that the tips of some of the trees were cut off because I didn’t leave a consistent 1/4 inch at the top of each block.


And, I took months hand quilting snowflake motifs on the border and on some of the tree blocks, only to discover that it was a waste of time, the snowflakes did not show up as snowflakes, not unless you are like 2″ from the quilt! I liked the idea of a snow-y pine forest, but there are probably better ways to accomplish it.


I learned something about myself doing this quilt – the greens I like are very blue kinds of greens. I have an antipathy to yellow greens, although they have their place and sometimes they are the only appropriate shade . . . my heart is blue-green!

I used the more yellow-green leftover pine trees on Dad’s Alaska Quilt.


6 thoughts on “Pine Trees Quilt

  1. Kaye Wood says:

    I LOVE your tree quilt. The greens fit together so beautifully. The snowflakes are awesome, you did a great job.


  2. worldquilter says:

    Thank you, Kaye, your words are so kind. And the truth is, I do love this quilt, for all its quirks!

  3. Pat says:

    Just found your blog. What a great looking quilt. The color go great together. I always have trouble picking out my colors. I love the look of the trees. I don’t hand quilt but would love to learn. Sharp looking quilt!

  4. worldquilter says:

    Thank you, Pat! I made about double the number of blocks that you see, and then discovered not all greens go together. The ones I used were all in the very blue kind of green family, and I learned that about myself – that there are greens I relate to and greens that I don’t.

    That’s what is so cool about quilting – you learn and you grow all the time!

  5. KellieV says:

    This tree quilt is wonderful! Green is my favorite.

  6. worldquilter says:

    Thank you, KellieV. It was really a good quilt for a beginner, and I still love the crispness of the green and white.

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