Duffle Bag Special

In the midst of utter chaos, I had an opportunity to take a class I’d really wanted to take. I had no time to take it. I had several other significant and compelling obligations.

Of course, I took the class.

I am so glad I did. No regrets, not one. I loved every minute of it.

The class was taught by one of the most feyly creative women I have met in the quilting world. She sees a new technique, and she grasps it intuitively. She makes gifted fabric choices, she is quick and capable, and she keeps working on variations of a pattern until she moves on to something else. She never does exactly the same thing twice. I am in total awe of her.

On top of all her talents, she is also very kind and very funny – what an amazing combination.

And look what I made. Yeh, it’s “only” a duffel bag! Yeah, right!