Dad’s Alaska Quilt

I’m glad I made this quilt when I did, althought I doubt my Dad ever used it before he died. He wasn’t really a quilt kind of guy. Whatever. I am glad for me, that I made it for him. It was made with some wonderful batik fabric with bear and moose on them, and I found some perfect batik fabric like Alaska salmon, and added some pine trees left over from one of my very earliest quilts (which I haven’t yet photographed!)

The blocks are bear paw, alternating with this wonderful north woods fabric. Yeh, it’s a little busy. I love it anyway. If I had to do it over again, I would use a plain black as the alternating blocks, but still use the northwoods fabric on the border.

There is one block in there that bugs me. You know how some very good batik fabrics are almost identical front and back? I can see one block that is going the wrong way. Wrong in that in all the other blocks, the animals are facing the same direction, but in one block they are facing the opposite direction. Would you have noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out?

I am gathering my “babies” photos as fast as I can. I have run into the priest for whom I made a quilt, and put a prize-winning entry on the back side, as he loved Paris. I am remembering two other quilts nearby I will attempt to photograph before I leave here. Woo Hoooooo!




5 thoughts on “Dad’s Alaska Quilt

  1. harmonie22 says:

    Hello again. Also a beautiful quilt. I’m not surprised you’re winning prizes. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

  2. worldquilter says:

    Harmonie, you have a poetic soul!

  3. […] napkins and tablemats, and an apron. We looked at this fabric together, I bought some to use for my Dad’s Alaskan Quilt; she passed, thought the fabric was too expensive. I learned a lesson – buy that fabric now! Who […]

  4. Laney says:

    Hello, I googled world quilting and discovered your what a happy surprise,
    I also discovered you had made an alaskan quilt for your dad. I am in the process of finishing one for my dad. He lived there for 20 years and it defines him a great deal. He misses it, but his health makes it impossible for him to live there anymore.If you’d like to see the quilt there are photos on my blog. I will be back to view your beautiful quilts. Thank you.

  5. worldquilter says:

    Laney, I clicked to go to your blog, but there was some kind of error. Please give your blog again, as I would love to see the quilt you made for your dad.

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