Sweetheart Quilt

I know this pattern originally came from one of the Quilting magazines. As I never do anything the way I am told, I changed the block size and created my own quilting patterns to accomodate my growing machine quilting skills. This one his half hand quilted and half machine quilted.

I made it for my son, for the girl he would one day marry. Thanks be to God, he chose a wonderful woman, and I was delighted to send him the quilt to give to her. Then, I forgot it until I went to photograph the Seminole quilt, and found this quilt next to that! I wonder how many other quilts are out there that I can’t even remember?

When I teach this quilt, I show the class, and then fold it and ask what color it is. When they say “red and white” we look at the quilt again, to see the huge variety of colors that qualify as “red” in this quilt, all the way from deep purples to orang-y oranges, and the entire range of prints and solids in between. Scrap quilts are fun that way – they can fool the eye. And there is a real art to making sure the colors blend, and that no one color draws the eye and attracts too much attention to itself.



9 thoughts on “Sweetheart Quilt

  1. […] can also do that   Sweetheart Quilt, either in reds or in a variety of scrappy colors. I think I remember that it takes about 49 […]

  2. […] have a goodly stash cut up if you do your January homework.)     You can also do that   Sweetheart Quilt, either in reds or in a variety of scrappy colors. I think I remember that it takes about 49 […]

  3. Kathy Burningham says:

    I would love to have this pattern, if you have info about it please email me thanks kathy (sweetheart quilt)

  4. worldquilter says:

    I don’t have any paperwork. Kathy. I remember it is done on a grid 7 squares by 7, heart resting on one side, and then set on point, using additional squares to do the setting triangles by putting them together and trimming them down – again, they would be seven to a side, to fit the side of the square.

  5. Debs says:

    Thanks for posting this. I copied it (with slight variation ) and it’s looking quite good (although the boarders are a bit fluttery !

  6. christine says:

    where can i get this pattern

  7. amanda says:

    That’s so sweet. And your quilt is beautiful

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