Star at the End of Times

The Pensacola Quilt Guild had a challenge, and I entered. The challenge was a lot of fun; they had a 5″ square of fabric, and you could make any quilt you wanted as long as you used ONLY colors from that square (you could not use the square itself), the quilt had to be 36 – 40″, and somewhere in the quilt had to be a square within a square.

The majority of the colors were rusts and reds, colors I don’t much like working with, but a friend from Bible study took me to a fabric store I didn’t even know existed – A & E Pharmacy (LOL, who would know from the name that they have all the newest fabrics). While there, I found inspiration, the rust/red/orange strips, and from there . . . I just had fun. I love the parroty blue green, and I love purples, and I needed practice working that zigzag quilting, especially using metallic thread, so I didn’t worry about winning, I just had fun. When I finished, I loved the quilt – mostly I do nap size or bigger, so a hanging size is a novelty for me.

Couldn’t show you before the unveiling at the challenge (well, I showed my friends in Kuwait) but here it is now:

I don’t always do challenges, but I try; they help me get out of my comfort zone and give me permission to try new things, new colors, new combinations, new techniques. I feel like a winner for having competed, even if I didn’t win anything with it. 🙂