Every now and then we hit a rough road. Sometimes we bring it on ourselves – happens to me all the time. Some times, it’s just life, you don’t deserve it but you get hit. Usually not just once.

I have a friend whose been hit a couple times in one year, and I want to give her a quilt. I’m finishing up this one, and for many reasons, it is just right for her. She can curl up under it as she reads. She can wrap it around her on a bad day. She can roll a dead body in it, no one the wiser . . . just kidding about that last part.


I’ve taught this Sloppy Star so many times, I end up with more sloppy star quilts than I can use. I always love the colors – this one the colors of the sea – and it is wonderful to have some quilts I can give when needed. I’ve started making the stars 16″ x 16″; might as well make best use of the fat quarter, less scrap left over and larger, more adult quilts. The stars end up around 13 – 14 inches when squared.