Baby Blankets in Production

I just realized that I have patterns of behavior in quilting. I often have up to ten quilts in production at any one time, I usually sandwich three or four in one session, and I quilt three or four in a row while continuing work on the others. So I have fallow periods and then I have times when I complete many quilts at the same tune.

I have three baby quilts just about finished now, and three other quilts just about ready for the upcoming quilt show.

The first two I love because they use up leftover fabrics from projects I have been working on. When I find a fabric I love, I don’t want to waste a scrap of it! (Remember the January cutting project when I cut all my scraps into 2.5″ squares? Here they are!)

I love it that the scrap squares are all the same fabrics in both quilts, but because of the alternate squares, they have a very different look.

This quilt I started ten years ago, when I was still beginning. I have to admire my courage, way back then, working with mitred angles in the center square, which turned out so off square that I had to sew a wonky inner border on it. I got one of the friendship stars backwards and never even noticed it until working on it now to finish it up. I had always hoped to hand quilt it, but when I pulled it out recently, I realized it wasn’t worth hand quilting, and besides, if I haven’t done it in ten years – let’s just get this baby finished.

For all its flaws, I love this quilt. I still love using stripes in borders and mitres, and with all the flaws, I still love the colors. For the runt of the litter, it’s cleaned up good.