Historic Record

Sometimes the only photos you have are bad photos. This page is photos that are photographed from an old photo albumn – the quality of the photos is BAD. I am only adding this page for my own record. I had even forgotten some of these quilts; and some I have no idea who I gave them to.  

Our quilting guild in Germany, the Rheinland Pfalz Quilters Guild, had a program for providing baby blankets for infants in the neo-intensive care unit at Landstuhl Military Hospital. Some of the babies ended up buried in these quilts, others we would see from time to time in the BX or Commissary!

Oh what fun!Each member was required to donate one quilt per year, most donated more. It was a great learning tool for our beginning quilters. Often, quilt packets were made up and a pattern provided, or each quilter could do as she wished. Quilts had to be 36 x 48 inches, 100% cotton, 100% cotton thread, fully washable in hot water.       

These are some of my earliest kaleidoscopes – literally, the baby quilt below was the first, and I learned never to use yellow in the corners – you can’t see any other color when you do! 


This kaleidoscope had a bugs and bees and insects theme for a little boy – it was a lot of fun to work with.


My niece said she wanted a quilt like the kaleidoscope I made for my Mom, and I had so many blocks left over that I could do it for her – and I designed and added the wave block border using a modified Snail’s Trail design. Paper pieced for accuracy, even though it is not my favorite technique.


These are blocks made for farewell blocks, birthday blocks and Brown Bag exchange blocks: 



This was a banner I made for our church – those letters are all hand appliqued!


This was a baby quilt I made for a friend: 


This is a quilt I made for my landlady’s birthday:


This won viewers’ choice in a 10″ square challenge. You put in 10 ten inch squares, you draw out ten. You can throw one back and draw another in it’s place. You must use all fabrics, and you can add one fabric for background. It was fun!


I made this for a woman who was very kind to me. It has her strawberry garden, her dearly loved cat, her flowers and her family garden, in place of a family tree. It was all hand quilted.



4 thoughts on “Historic Record

  1. nov62 says:

    Amazing work. thats a real talent you got. 🙂

  2. worldquilter says:

    I am truly flattered, nov62. Most of this is early work, and the photos are poor quality.

  3. wiwolf55 says:

    I was looking for a Stack and Whack pattern and found your site. Your work is beautiful! I love the fabric that you picked out for backing on one of the pages, those quilts must really be something special. Wish I could see them in person.

  4. worldquilter says:

    Thank you! Through the years, I’ve taught so many, not because I am a great quilter, but because I knew how to quilt and others didn’t. Over and over I tell them “this is supposed to be FUN.” When you stop having fun, it starts being work. 🙂

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