“It’s Just a Quilt”

“It’s just a quilt!” I told myself. It’s a quilt I’ve been working on for about six years, and it isn’t even that big. I was going to hand quilt it all, then I machine quilted part of it, but couldn’t think of what to do in the large star centers.

Today, I knew just what to do. There is a wonderful article by Lea Day in the new Quilter’s Newsletter which I have to admit is my favorite quilting mag of all) on machine quilting.

I know how to machine quilt. I also know that there is a lot I don’t know, and that I can do better if I practice. Lea Day gives us challenges, she shows us exactly hot to do it and then tells us to just get started. The first ones won’t be so hot, she tells us, but by the end of your practicing, you’ll definitely see signs of improvement and increased confidence.

No, no, those aren’t all from Leah Day, but Lea Day’s article got me started. There are some ideas I’ve been playing around with and this rainy day and her article gave me the idea to play around. Play is learning for a quilter, so my results aren’t perfect but this is “just a quilt,” and it’s a great place to play with some new quilting techniques and work on some ideas for the important quilts I am making for a couple young women having babies. 🙂

Charity Baby Quilts

I love these because they get all fluffy and soft, and what do kids love more than fluffy and soft? I also love making them because they are quick and easy. The guild and the bee I am in both ask for at least one quilt a year for charitable projects, so now I have completed the minimum and can move on. . . I have a lot more flannel and a lot more ideas 🙂

It’s Been a While . . .

Oops! How could I not post a think since the Quilt Show? Maybe because I have barely quilted anything since the quilt show.

Retirement is different. I no longer have long hours to myself while my husband is working. I have a husband at home – and a playmate who distracts me (happily) from the quilting I would otherwise do.

But now, I have three babies coming (No! No! Not MY babies, but friend and family babies!) and quilts due for my bee’s charitable outreach, and quilts to do just because I want to (I don’t let myself do them until I finish the must-do quilts).

The weather is hot, humid and occasionally rainy in Pensacola, perfect weather to stay inside and quilt up a storm. 🙂