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  1. Sarah Sajjabbi says:

    I am looking for the map of Africa “patterns” do you have it with all countries I want it plain not colored? If not If you make it for me how much do I have to pay?

  2. Martha says:

    I need to know how to connect it together and the measurements for the heart?

  3. worldquilter says:

    I machine pieced each square to the next. I worked in quadrants, connecting each row as I finished it, ironing as I went along.

    When I had four quadrants, I connected the two north quadrants, then the two south quadrants, then stitched the north half to the south half. Fini!

    For the hearts, I just cut a heart out of shirt-cardboard, slightly smaller than the finished square, and appliqued it on. Those are still going on!

  4. Francine Keys says:

    I am a beginner at quilting and do not understand how to draw out the Quilt pattern. Can you give me some help.


  5. worldquilter says:

    Francine, there is a wonderful book called “It’s OK if you sit on my quilt” that I used when I was starting out, because everything she explained was so wonderfully understandable.

    My favorite tool is a pad of graph paper, the kind with four squares to an inch. It’s what I use to figure out what my quilt is going to look like. It is also how I draw a new block I want to try, so that I can add the 1/4 seams and know how big to cut the pieces.

    There are also computer programs you can buy. I sometimes just use a very basic drawing pattern, when I want to do something like a kaleidoscope with shifting color values, and need to repeat the block many times so I can use colored pencils and fill in how I want the thing to look.

    Start easy. Start with squares and half square triangles. Master them, then move on to hourglass blocks, and anvil blocks. As your skills build, so will your confidence level. One day you the light will go on and you will get a big grin and say “AHA! I totally get it!”

    Having said that, there are aspects of quilting I have tried to wrap my mind around and failed. We can’t all be the best at everything, but in quilting, we can become very good at a few things. 🙂

  6. Sally Harradine says:

    I am going to have a go at the Sloppy Star quilts and thought I’d just look it up on the net – there was your blog – how fantastic it is.
    Lovely morning meeting today – got inspired and looking forward to next year already.
    When I do the two quilts with 25 each of light and dark do I still separate into 12 and 13 pile stacks to cut?

  7. worldquilter says:

    I was thinking about you and almost called! No, two piles; one pile has dark stars with light outside, and the second pile has light stars with dark outside. Come tomorrow, we’ll talk!

  8. Evelyn says:

    How funny I was looking for a lady in the Qatar Quilt Guild and I end up on your blog how cool is that and its not the first time. Hope the packing is going well. Luv ya Evelyn

  9. Emmy Z says:

    Hi: I wonder if you can share your Brianna wave border paper pieced pattern, or if not, tell me where I can get it? I want to use this wave paper pieced pattern for an ocean motif quilt that my daughter is making.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. worldquilter says:

    Emmy, I just took a Snail’s Trail and elongated it. It was 8 x 11, and I drew it using graph paper, ruler and pencil. Four patch in the middle, and then triangles added on, keeping track of which ones need to be light and which ones dark.

    Once I got it to have the feeling I wanted, (feeling like a wave) I took it to the local copy shop and had enough copies made to paper piece it, although I ended up just piecing it by cutting the right sized pieces instead of paper piecing.

    Graph paper rules! LOL!

  11. I’m looking for a quilting class in Kuwait?

  12. Sharon Barnett says:

    Hi l am just starting to do quilting and l was wondering is there anywhere in Doha that l can buy the batting for a quilt and also are there any classes l can join to learn quilting
    thank you

  13. worldquilter says:

    Sharon, I left Doha in March, so maybe things have improved, but batting has always been a problem. You used to be able to find it reliably at the Jarir bookstores, but they stopped carrying it a couple years back. Most of us bring batting in with us every summer, or order it through Hancocks of Paducah if we have APO privileges. Sometimes the lady who has the shop in Dubai comes to Doha, and sometimes she brings in batting to sell at the monthly quilt guild meeting. (Google Qatar Quilters and you will find their blog site; they meet monthly, and that is also where you can learn more about quilting and quilting lessons.)

  14. Kelly says:

    Hello! I have been looking everywhere for a blue and white rag quilt. I seen the one you made and absolute love it! It reminds me of our childhood, my friend who is expecting had the almost exactly same blanket as yours! I would love to get her a blanket similar to the one she had growing up! Do you sell yours or make them for people? I would love to order the blue and white rag quilt that is shown on the website. Please let me know:)))
    Thank you for your time
    Kelly Leeb

  15. Nancy Swor says:

    Our children are adopting a little girl from Cameroon and I want to make her a quilt. My son-in-law is there on a mission trip now and asked if I’d like fabric from there to do her quilt. Is the fabric there durable for “well-loved” quilts and is there a special way to care for it? Thank you. I loved looking at your Africa quilts.
    Nancy Swor

  16. intlxpatr says:

    Nancy, just like in our country, it depends on the fabric. If for a quilt that may be often washed, wash the fabrics first and use Synthrepol (sp?) to set any that run. Most of the African fabrics are color fast and wonderful to work with. I hope you have a lot of fun with them.

  17. Antoinette says:

    Do u conduct classes in Q8 – R you based in Kuwait /

    • worldquilter says:

      No, Antoinette, I am no longer in Kuwait, but the Quilt Guild meets under the auspices of the Kuwait Textile Arts Association, KTAA, and they teach classes and meet monthly to share ideas and resources 🙂

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