I made this for the first challenge the Qatar Quilters ever held. A khanjar is a curved daggar worn at the waist, primarily in Oman and Yemen. I wanted to use a piece of Damascus silk brocade left over from an evening dress (my husband had brought me the silk from Syria) and I wanted to do some embroidery and embellishment with the fabulous silver thread they use in Oman. I machine quilted a palm tree and my name in black thread on the black background. I kept it. I love this piece.

Indian Spice Kaleidescope

I made this for my cleaning man’s wife. He was going home to see her and his daughters, back in Kerala. I admire him so much, sacrificing, being away from his family so he can provide home and education for his daughters, and a better future for them. He works so hard, and he misses his family so much. Yes, I sent money, too.

I love Kaleidescopes. Those who think they are a simple block haven’t explored their possibilities – Kaleidescopes provide a great intellectual exercise in color placement and all kinds of repeating techniques to create mood and motion.