Sometimes I am afraid that some people don’t much like home made things, and you never know who is going to be a person who likes them and who is going to be a person who doesn’t. I made a glorious quilt, a prize winning quilt, and the person I gave it to used it to stabilize a rock table. (00)

My Uptown New York niece, when I hesitantly asked her if she ever wanted a quilt, already knew what she wanted, and picked out the fabrics for it from my stash, and wrote commentary – which I returned to her years later – on what the colors meant to her. Surprise surprise!

I hesitate to give these duffels, just more home made stuff, but most of my friends seem to love them. I had made a Hawaii Quilt for my oldest friend from university, and she loved it, so I made her a duffel with the leftover fabric. She loves it!


I have some wonderful friends, they are also long long time friends, and they love to fish. At Christmas, I made a fishing apron for him, and for this summer, I made them a matching bag for gear to take on their boat. (They loved it!)


My sweet niece just had a baby girl, and while I was giving her a bunch of girly-girl clothes, I gave her big brother a big-boy bag for books and toys, with his name hidden (in quilting) on the bag. He loved it!


This one I haven’t given yet – and I am hoping my sweet daughter-in-law doesn’t know about this blog or doesn’t care about this blog and won’t see it before I give it to her next week, full of baby clothes. She taught English in France for a year:


Because I am slow, and because the lady who taught me how to make these is painstaking, and taught us how to line them completely so no seams show, and how to make nice stuffed straps that don’t hurt your shoulders – they take about a day each to make, but they are so wonderful in these days of bring-your-own-bags.