The Quiltathon

The Quiltathon held March 24th at the Dar Al Cid was a huge success! Actually running from 8 in the morning to 9 at night, more than 50 women dropped in, some staying the entire day, some working in the morning, some working in the afternoon, some in the evening – and the group made – ta da! – either 33 quilts or 35 quilts, depending on who you talk to.

Not all the quilts are finished, there is still work to do – but hey, we definitely accomplished our goal! Wooo Hoooooo q8Quilters!



And we got good press, too!

Kuwait Times:

Arab Times:


Three Orphan Quilts

These are the quilts I made for Alanna’s Orphans. I tried a new technique – it looked so easy when our friend did it. For me, sometimes the “easier” techniques turn out to be harder. Like for me, the dreaded applique comes easy. For me, it is fast. This one was – for me – HARD!

I found myself jumping back and forth from cutting to sewing. I did all the quilting at the end. If I were to do another one, I would maybe quilt as I go, but that means a lot of changing threads. . . no, I don’t think I will do any of these again. Sewing through six layers is difficult to do with accuracy, and then doing the quilting – for me – is not easy. I’m glad I tried it, I’m glad I finished the quilts, and I think I will stick to techniques that work better for me.  




This coming Monday, March 24, all quilters in Q8 are meeting in a huge Quiltathon to put together quilts for the orphanage. Our goal is 20 quilts. I am secretly hoping we complete more!

New Page

In support of the Q8Quilters goal of sending 20 quilts to  Alanna’s Orphans project to provide quilts for an orphanage in Kurdistan, I have posted a new page with simple quilts that can be made quickly for charitable projects.

The quilts for Alanna’s project are supposed to be 55″ x 77″ (more or less). Alanna has said AROUND 55″ x 77″ as the kids range in age from 5 – 15, and the quilts will be used as bedding.

Any of the quilts can also be made smaller. They are all good for using up perfectly good fabrics left over from earlier quilting projects.

Over on the right, under “Pages” you will see a page called Quick Quilts for Charity. They are very basic quilts, and you are free to use them and modify them any way you wish.