Doha Fish Quilt



This turned out to be one of my very favorite quilts. My challenge to myself was to find everything I needed for the quilt in Doha, Qatar. I found a wonderful shop, Anwar al Doha, which means The Lights of Doha, and there was the fish fabric and the mottled navy background fabric. Each block was so fantastic! I love this quilt!

I was using it to teach a class on Stack and Whack. Oh, did we have fun. Stack and Whack is a technique pioneered by Bethany Reynolds. You need wild fabrics, with a lot of variety in the background, to make them, but they give great immediate gratification to beginning quilters, and you can hide a multitude of mistakes in their bright and whacky design.

(I kept this one for myself!)


3 thoughts on “Doha Fish Quilt

  1. Karen says:

    I have several american quilts from different eras that I aqquired out of a family estate. I am looking for someone to help me determine what patterns and values they have. I live in Doha, Qatar but could send digital photos to anyone who can help.

  2. worldquilter says:

    Karen, there is a group, the Qatar Quilters, who can get you started. They meet at Al Jazi, I believe, at least once a month, and have other workshops, too. Lucky, lucky YOU to have inherited quilts! What a treasure!

  3. […] school of fish (and the others) are from a wonderful fabric I bought in Doha, and from which my Doha Fish Quilt was made. I am a strange woman; I actually love to […]

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