Maze or InterConnected Circles


I made this quilt months ago. It looked complex, and I wanted a challenge. Once I saw how to do it, I went ahead, but this is one of the most tedious quilts I have ever made.

Mostly, it is tedious because it is repetitious. Half the squares are snowballs, half with one color, half with the other.

All the alternating blocks are exactly alike, just given a quarter turn so that on alternate rows all one color is on top and on the others, the other color.

Once you get through the endless putting together of the same squares, assembly goes quickly.

I used this quilt to practice feathers 🙂

Big yawn. I thought I would do it in a garden print with garden-y white and green circles, sort of like a lattice work. If I were to do it again – which I won’t, because it bored me to tears – I would do it with a stronger background print.

Note: A lot of people love this quilt. That’s fine with me; my objection is only that once you know the trick (it’s all an optical illusion) it just isn’t that interesting to make, for me.


One thought on “Maze or InterConnected Circles

  1. Sandy says:

    I know this quilt as “Around the Twist.” It was published years ago in a book written by Trudie Hughes, which is probably way out of print, but may be available somewhere as a used book.

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