Umm Al Tawaman (Mother of Twins)

Even as I write, my niece is in labor, about to give birth to TWINS. We are all wild and dancing for joy! I reminded her she will now have to use the dual form in Arabic, and she groaned. Such are the jokes we tell one another in my family.

Baby girl’s quilt is called Desert Rose:


Baby boy’s is called Interconnected:


Each quilt is about 54″ square


3 thoughts on “Umm Al Tawaman (Mother of Twins)

  1. Both are magnificent quilts in shades, patterns and with all the love that you sewed into them. I suppose the babies have arrived by now ?

  2. intlxpatr says:

    Yes! Yes! The twins are here, and are now two months old. Glorious, healthy babes! Thank you for asking, Isa!

  3. […] is another of my playing around quilts. In order to do Annie’s quilt, I had to do a lot of squares. You really have be careful about gradations to make these quilts […]

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