Fabric Finds in the Safat Souks, Kuwait

I was so restrained! It is hard, when beautiful fabrics in Kuwait are customarily only a third to half of what we pay in the US, but I refrained. Well, I was not entirely fabric-celibate, I did buy a little, but only a little.

Then I had to go back. There was a piece I saw that was expensive, but I had never seen anything like it. It is Iranian. There were others, I could have bought meters and meters of this fun fabric, some with Arabic writing, perfect for a little summer shift or skirt . . . all colors . . . but expensive. I did not resist this meager one meter:

This, also was expensive, but I only bought a half a meter, thinking I might make a couple of those cosmetic bags in colors that sing to my soul, the colors-of-the-sea, sparkling like sun on the Gulf:

I have had such a good time here with my textile and quilting friends. This is no longer my home, but oh, I miss the joys of living in Kuwait. My friends in the Kuwait Textile Arts Association are planning a group trip to Iran, and oh, it kills me not to be going with them. 😦 They are going to have such a good time. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Fabric Finds in the Safat Souks, Kuwait

  1. Hannah says:

    Pretty fabrics! I found out just before Christmas that Souq Al Dira (Doha) is open again! I think it might be almost time for me to take another trip down there……

  2. worldquilter says:

    Hannah, the Diraa Souk is wonderful, but also the Assiri (it is white with red columns and the fabrics are cheaper) and next to it, a smaller, darker souk called the Souk al Ahmed, where you can find some very cool and unique ethnic prints! Take a quilting friend and have fun!

  3. paramjeet says:

    I bought that too !!! and were did you get the other colourful piece that is fantastic too…..

  4. worldquilter says:

    LOL, Paramjeet, I was there! You got a way better price than I did!

    The other fabric is also in block 1, on a model. The store is (I think) on the opposite side of the hall, and sells expensive fabrics, many from Italy. I paid too much. You will get a better price. 🙂

  5. Violette says:

    I wish I could travel to these places to buy fabric. These pattern designs are so unique.

  6. worldquilter says:

    Do you travel at all, Violette? At many of the larger quilt shows, there are foreign vendors. You can find French and Dutch fabrics online, but the African ones . . . the real thing . . . those are harder to find. The souks of the Gulf – oh, what treasures!

  7. Fabric-celibate? Shudder – That can’t be good for you.

  8. worldquilter says:

    Mosaic – in the fabric souks of Kuwait, you find amazing fabrics for around $1.80 – $5.00 / yard. For a quilter, living in Kuwait is constant temptation, which few of us can resist. I have the ‘material-girl’ stash to prove it. 😦

    • Sounds very tempting. Do you have to haggle with the vendors?

    • June says:

      where can i go in Kuwait to search for these beautiful fabrics? Ive just moved here and in search for some.

      • worldquilter says:

        June, I think the souks were called Safat Souks. They were not inside the Souk Mubrakiyya, but if coming from the south, were just before you got to the major road in front of Mubarakiyya. There was a group of buildings with their own underground parking lot. You could actually park above ground if you got there early enough to find a spot. As for finding – you wander. Have you found the Kuwait American Womens Club, or the British Women’s Club? You will find quilters (i.e. fabric lovers) who can tell you how to find these souks, or maybe some kind soul who will take you there. Another great group is the KTAA, which is Kuwait Textile Arts Association, also the parent group for the Kuwait Quilters. The KTAA has wonderful presentations on international and local textiles, and you will find women there who can tell you how to find these marvelous souks. There are also cheaper fabric souks across the street from the area in Mubarakiyya where you eat; they are less mall-like and more stall-like.

  9. worldquilter says:

    Yep. You lose respect if you don’t. I tell them I have to be careful with my husband’s money. 😉 Never aggressive, just patient and collaborative. Now, I even bargain in the US. 🙂

  10. rania says:

    Hello everybody
    I like in Kuwait. Iam fond of this art and I wish to learn it
    can any body just tell me how and where???
    Ive been looking and asking for training courses to learn quilting.
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can you help me.

  11. worldquilter says:

    Hi Rania,

    You are in luck. There are wonderful quilters in Kuwait. I think they are waiting for a leader to get the new year going. You can meet women who quilt at the KTAA meetings, where they hang out with other people who love textiles. They meet once a month at the Sadu House near the Kuwait Parliament building.

  12. Mayur Jariwala says:

    glad to see your products.would you guys like to see some trims and ribbon.i have my own manufacturing.you can send me your good wises at my email id(mukesh_1966@indiatimes.com)

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