Stash Reorganization For the New Year

I usually do this the first week of the New Year, but I got a little behind trying to make sure I finished White Ties and Tails. I have a new project in mind, and I need to get started, it’s a guild challenge with a deadline, but I can’t work as long as my area is in disorder, and it is. I have some folding and sorting and putting away to do so I can find the fabrics and tools that I need when I need them.

It takes a full day to get things in order. I took a photo because the stash won’t stay in order for very long. And no, this isn’t all of it. There is a plastic tub of ‘shiny fabrics’ and another of batiks and a smaller one of Kona solids. Now I have a better idea of what I have to work with. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Stash Reorganization For the New Year

  1. What a great display of fabrics and colours ! And a good resolution for the New Year… inspiring too.

  2. worldquilter says:

    Thanks, Isa. 🙂 There is something so humbling about getting it all in order – I discover sometimes I have bought the same fabric two or three times, and that I have a serious deficiency in yellows and browns, or anything with grey in it, LOL. And then it takes TWO shelves for the blue/green/purples (colors of the sea) which I love. i am humbled by my own predictability, my inability to keep my work area neat for any length of time, and the number of projects I have yet to finish! 🙂

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