Finishing White Ties and Tails

Well, life intruded, like visitors and Thanksgiving and Christmas and other obligations. I was also trying to figure out where I wanted to go with the quilt; there was a lot of bare space.

Finally I made some decisions, a little at a time. I wanted to add some color in the center, and I wanted to add the ties and hearts to the cats:

I wanted something to give the quilt a little directionality, so that if it were hung, there would be a top and a bottom:

And I found a backing I love; a Javanese Bali print my Grammy friend and I found in the small dark Souk al Ahmad, in Doha. I bought like eight of them – they are wonderful for backings, maybe not wide enough but I cut and pasted:

And this is the finished quilt, made for the New Year’s baby who actually showed up the 5th of January:

And, LOL, I notice I have seem to be attracted to doing black and white quilts when the weather gets cold. I wonder if I will be doing a floral quilt around April?


2 thoughts on “Finishing White Ties and Tails

  1. Debbie says:

    I love your cat quilt and would love to get a pattern. Is there a pattern for this quilt, or did you make it yourself? I see the step by step photos. Great job. I just happened to buy b/w fabrics this weekend and was looking for a new project. Being a cat lover also, this is purrfect. 🙂 =^..^=

  2. worldquilter says:

    I had seen things like this, but not exactly what I wanted, which was the four cats with interlocking tails. I had to draw the pattern myself, but it wasn’t that hard. All the blocks are eight inch (finished) squares; four sets of snails trail with dark/white/dark/white tails, then matched up with the cats. Actually, I can see that on one, I neglected to round the back (oops!)

    Cat part -5″ of the block is cat color, with 2.5 square in background color to round back; 3″ x 4″ of background above that sewn to cat head (4″ x 2″); cat ears (1″ background with cat ear triangles sewn diagonally to each end.) Construction goes cat ears sewn to cat head, cat head sewn to background block, top of block sewn to bottom block.

    Use a design board to keep track of which blocks you are working on and where they go.

    Applique hearts to cat’s throat, make a circle of appliqued hearts in the large center block. The appliqued cats were from some long ago cat pattern, but there was too much empty space for me, and the people for whom it was made have three cats, so I machine appliqued them.

    God luck, Debbie!

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