Under The Sea / Colors of the Sea 2

I made my Mom a quilt around ten years ago, and my middle sister has told me several times since then that she wants one like it. I started cutting this one out while I was still in Doha, finished cutting, piecing, sandwiching and quilting here in Pensacola.

My Mom’s quilt:

It isn’t the same. No two quilts are ever the same. When I was back in Seattle, I took a look at the first quilt and saw that I had made all four corner pieces match where they came together, something I have never done since. I think/thought that the contrast in light and dark in the corner pieces helped the movement of the quilt, but I may have to rethink that. I have a large collection of ‘colors of the sea’ fabrics; when I see them, I can’t resist them. I wonder if I can use them up in my lifetime?

Several of the fabrics are from a hand-dye class I took in Kuwait, lovely Diana Hill, and I am still using up my hand dyes – and those of others – as I piece these quilts. Such wonderful, laughter-filled memories!

This is a larger quilt, large enough to cover a double bed but probably not large enough for two people to sleep under unless they are young and in love, LOL.

Can you see the fish I hand appliqued in the photo above? I wanted them to blend with their background, just as real fish do when you spot them in their habitat.

This school of fish (and the others) are from a wonderful fabric I bought in Doha, and from which my Doha Fish Quilt was made. I am a strange woman; I actually love to applique.

I gave the quilt to my niece to put on my sister’s bed, at their Seattle home. I am betting she doesn’t check this blog, so she will have a big surprise when she sees it. I bet she forgot she even asked for it. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Under The Sea / Colors of the Sea 2

  1. Nima says:

    wow…awesome…beautiful fabric

  2. worldquilter says:

    LOL, Nima, you are quick! You commented before I even had time to add the photo of my Mom’s similar quilt, the predecessor to this one!

    I tried to comment on your beautiful blog, but kept receiving an error message. Will try again. Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    Wow! These quilts are amazing!! I’m still in Doha for now – can you tell me where you got your fabrics? I’m just beginning to get into quilting (there’s so much time to kill in the summer months!) and am looking all over. I brought some fabrics with me from the UK to get me started, but I love love LOVE your colours!

    Can you also tell me more about the stack and whack technique you described before?

    I’ve looked at the quilters quild website, but for now I’m unable to join as they meet before I finish work.

    Hoping you can help and will be following your blog from now on!

  4. worldquilter says:

    Hannah, have you found the Doha Quilters? They meet the last Thursday of the month most months, at Al Jazi, late in the afternoon. There are so many talented women in that group, and someone will take you by the hand and show you all the best shops in the fabric souks.

    My favorite shop was called Anwar Ad Doha, which means the Lights of Doha, and it is in the Asseiri Souk, some people still call it the Escalator Souk. There are all kinds of good shops in the Asseiri Souks, and great shops for having clothes made in the Diraa Souk, also called the Marble Souk.

    The Doha Fish Quilt (https://worldquilter.wordpress.com/2007/06/26/doha-fish-quilt/) was a challenge quilt made up solely of fabrics found in Doha. Once you get used to keeping your eye open, and asking “100% Coton?” you can find amazing cottons at good prices, compared to anything you find in the US, UK or Australia. In the smaller souks next to the Asseiri souks, you can find some Indian batiks, and Javanese patterned fabrics – all kinds of really interesting fabrics.

    You will be amazed how many quilters there are in Qatar. 🙂 Happy quilting, Hannah.

  5. Lori Retta says:

    Hi! My son will be getting married next summer and I think his fiance would love a quilt like this. I’ve made several quilts, so I think I can pull this one off. What is the name of the quilt square pattern? It’s not quite a pinwheel, but I don’t know block patterns well enough to recognize this one. Many thanks!!!

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