Chained Islamic Stars

I actually started this quilt many many years ago, I believe while we still lived in Germany, and I got 37 squares finished and ran out of steam. It is a very fiddly design. I designed it myself. The finished square was 9 inches and the post and sashing was one inch, but it was all one inch, (cut 1.5″) and man, it was tiresome.

I also didn’t quite know how to make the chain work, but last week as I sorted in preparation for packing up the quilt room, I knew what to do. When I had a surprise and one morning of my week fell open, I was able to stitch 36 into a nice quilt top that I can use as a table cover – or something. I got to show it at the Qater Quilt Guild meeting yesterday, before it gets packed up. It will be months before I can get to it once more.

The truth is, even after 10 years, I love the intricately patterned fabrics I found for the stars. Ten years later, I rarely use white as a background – now, I am itching to try this same pattern (I can figure out now how to do it with less fuss) with a dark background. I love the way it has all gone together.

For my Kuwait friend – I don’t think you ever even saw this unfinished one, but slowly slowly I AM working on that pile of UFO’s you assigned me!


10 thoughts on “Chained Islamic Stars

  1. momcat says:

    This one is gorgeous! Exactly the type of detail oriented quilt I obsess over when I am in your situation. My Dear Jane is at the quilter–should have it back for the binding next week some time. That will put to rest the stress from my mother’s passing. I’ve got you in my mind and heart a lot these days as you make this transition. If you need a sympathetic/empathetic ear, you know how to reach me.

  2. A friend from Kuwait says:

    I am so happy that you are working on the UFO pile, You quilt is so beautiful , love it .

  3. worldquilter says:

    Momcat – Your Dear Jane is BREATHTAKING! I can hardly wait to see it at the Quilt Show! 😀

    Kuwaiti Friend – LLOOLLL! Are you going to help me unpack in Pensacola? LLOOOLLL!

  4. A friend from Kuwait says:

    Dear American friend ,I am going to help you . count on me. Miss you.
    I wonder where this quilt was hidding.! ? ! so beautiful . love it.

  5. worldquilter says:

    It was in a box, in pieces. Some of the blocks were finished, but the quilt top was not together.

    Oh my dear friend, you brought tears to my eyes. I am eager to welcome your visit. 🙂

  6. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Check out the American Quilter’s Society blog at:

    Keep up the beautiful quilting!

  7. Violette says:

    I love the fabrics you chose for the quilt and how you pieced it together. The white sets off the colors of the other fabrics well. Wish it was mine!

  8. Hayfa says:

    I love it, Wow beautiful , Is it finished.!!
    there are 2 friends of kuwait who reply to your blog…
    I am going to be KuwaitDalal .
    lots of love,

  9. What a magnificent quilt and most precious fabrics ! A true work of art and patience, a wonderful souvenir of your stay in Kuweit. Hope all is well with you.

  10. worldquilter says:

    Thank you all! Now, I just have to get it sandwiched and finished! 🙂

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