VIQ (Very Important Quilt)

The problem with a very important quilt is that you can over think. I know what I want a baby quilt to be – I want it to be colorful. I want it to be lovable. I want it to be big enough to go to pre-school and kindergarten for nap time. I want it to end up a beloved rag, dragged here and there, washed innumerable times, all used up.

I’ve probably made a hundred baby quilts. But when it came to a quilt for my first grandchild, I dithered. Nothing I could come up with was good enough. Finally, I had to give myself a good talking to, “JUST GET STARTED!” I yelled at myself in a figurative way. Just do it.

It’s an OK quilt. Not the best effort I have ever put forth, but I came to the conclusion – it’s not the quilt that is important, but the recipient. God willing, he will love it because it came from me, and because I am a safe place, a place he can count on for unconditional love.

So – it’s just a quilt. For a very important Quentin! 🙂


4 thoughts on “VIQ (Very Important Quilt)

  1. momcat says:

    I think it’s adorable!

  2. worldquilter says:

    You and I have a mutual quilt admiration society, Momcat. 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    I think that’s GORGEOUS! I have some practice before I even reach that far!!

  4. worldquilter says:

    Hannah, that’s one of the easier quilts. It’s a Kaleidoscope pattern, alternating with a square that has a star machine appliqued. What makes it look complicated is the color placement. You can draw it out, and it all comes together.

    The fabrics you like are Indian batiks, bought in the Kuwait souks. 🙂 Al Jazeera flights to Kuwait run about $100 when you are lucky – get a group and go up on the early morning flight, come back later the same day. Lots and lots of lovely inexpensive cottons in Kuwait. 🙂

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