Chaos in the Quilt Room

Normally, I am an orderly person, an organized person. In my normal life, I keep things under control.

My quilt room, I think, reflects my chaotic subconscious. It costs me a lot of psychic energy to keep myself on track, to stay productive in a steady sort of way. Very counter to the creative spirit within.

I have house guests arriving in one week. I need to finish up my current projects and turn the quilt room into a guest room. Where to start?

I have one quilt finished, one ready to bind and two ready to quilt. All the rest are still in what I think of as the production stages.

I have finished Ursa Minor:

It is a small quilt, a hanging or a table topper. It has a hanging sleeve. I made it for a church fund raiser, and it is related to Ursa Major.


4 thoughts on “Chaos in the Quilt Room

  1. momcat says:

    Don’t you know that orderliness constrains the creative spirit?LOL! My studio only gets straightened out completely when I have completed a major project. Yes, it can frustrate me when I am working on several things at once but to straighten it up takes away the spurt of creative energy.

  2. Hayfa says:

    Wow !!! do you need me? !
    Lots of love . Hugs

  3. worldquilter says:

    LLOOLLL Momcat, I slept in your quilt room (your quilt BARN – it’s HUGE!) remember? It was neat, even in the midst of projects!

    At some point, chaos impedes productivity – when you have to stop to look for things because they are no longer where they belong – don’t you agree? The worst part is trying to remember where things belong!

  4. worldquilter says:

    Hayfa – special new post for you 😀

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