Al Fardan Quilt Room

When I was living in Kuwait, I had a wonderful view from my quilt room – I looked out over the Gulf. Directly below was a busy street – always something interesting going on – and across the street, a family park. It was a fascinating microcosm, and a wonderful aerie for a quilting eagle. πŸ™‚


Now I am back in Qatar, in Doha, and in the same exact villa where I lived when we came to Doha in 2003. No view, but more space and great light.

I got everything unpacked except my quilting room, and then I got really sick. My friend in Kuwait felt sorry for me and flew down from Kuwait and unpacked and put away everything in my quilt room. Before she left, she scolded me, and told me before I start anything new, I have to get working on my stack of unfinished quilts. Yes, she stacked them up for me, and then said “just start at the top and work your way down to the bottom.” She said it in English, but it might as well have been in Arabic – it just isn’t language I understand.

She also sorted all my threads by color and application, and bought special transparent storage boxes so I could see exactly what I have. I felt both very wonderfully taken care of – and also deeply ashamed, that she should see all my flaws. I thank God she loves me anyway.

When she said “What is this box?” and I said “shiny fabrics” she just grinned and said “I have a box called shiny fabrics, too!” Whew!

I told her you really have to trust someone to allow them to come in and unpack your quilt room, it is like someone in your underwear drawer. It’s personal! She just laughed and said she knew things were not the way I would have put them, but it would be easy, a little bit at a time, to get things organized my way. “Like one week you can organize the whites” she said. . . . Ummm. Maybe she better come back – the whites are still not organized, LLOOLLLLL!

Moving away from Doha, and coming back, I changed a few thingsin the quilt room, but not much. What I really love is that I have great light, all day long, coming in over my left shoulder and from behind.

This is the books, teaching materials and reference books. Oh, umm . . . err . . . and the stack of unfinished quilts that I must work on in the background.


This is fabric storage (behind the purple and green curtain), ironing station and business station:

Even room for a drying rack when my visiting Kuwait quilting buddies bring me more of the fabulous batiks we love to use in our brighter quilts:

The hand quilting station, although we all love this chair, and it is where I sit to read the paper, work on my computer, draw out plans for a new quilt, or where my husband or cat sometimes sits:

My work table:




There’s even a bed that someone COULD sleep in, except that most of the time it gets heaped with projects I am working on.

I also need to show you the Quilting Assistant Station:

I love this room!


6 thoughts on “Al Fardan Quilt Room

  1. banyantreequilts says:

    Wow! Are you not lucky to have sooooo nice a quilting room. You made me jealous.
    Any way you deserve it with the kind of fabulous quilts you make

  2. worldquilter says:

    LLLOOOLLL! Did you see Houston is mid-October, not the end of October? Then there is another huge show at the end of October in Des Moines? Are you going for both with your award winning quilt πŸ˜€

  3. sara says:

    what a very fine quilting assistant – but I think he does need a quilt in that basket to snug up in. I am very jealous of your wonderful quilting room. I have been relegated to the boiler room down in the basement – I suppose it does mean it is all mine, but no wonderful light like you have. hey ho. I survive.

  4. Evelyn says:

    Your quilt room looks gorgeous like the quilt on the wall!

  5. worldquilter says:

    Sara! There IS a quilt in that basket, a cat quilt, one of my earliest quilts!

  6. worldquilter says:

    Evelyn, you are always SO kind. You are one of the kindest women I know.

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