KTAA Annual Exhibition

There were some totally fabulous entries, and the grand winner – who could argue! Shyamala Rao just knocked the socks off everyone with her fabulous quilt.

Mine were much more modest.

Ursa Major was the most fun. I don’t normally like mysteries, but this one gave me a lot of control. Every step had suggestions, and measurements, but you had a lot of latitude within the instructions. Mine shows the great North Star in the center of the quilt, and the Big Bear, endlessly circling the North Star.

Kathi Ewan’s instructions were just fun! I felt so free! I knew the fabrics I wanted to use, and the quilt kind of made itself. Normally, I start out knowing where a quilt is going, but this one, with each step, I rested and reflected before making the next round, and I got more and more excited about the quilt with each step, ending with the silvery little salmon circling on the penultimate border – a bear’s gotta eat!


At one point in the quilt, I tried some low-contrast piecing, the star has two kinds of white. I wasn’t happy, and was going to change to higher contrast when LeAnn Aldulrahim said no, to go with the white on white and try the quilting technique Paramjeet taught us two years ago with the zig-zag stitch. “Hmmm,” I thought, and went home and did it in silver, and oh – what fun. The bear tracks circling the quilt, the 45°angled borders around the center medallion and again at the last border – just fun. I had a great time with this quilt. It’s icing on the cake that it won the Children’s Choice award. I made it for the child within!

Another joyful, childish quilt – The Stars that Dance in Southern France (in their underpants) was started to use up some of the provincial French fabrics I gathered so lovingly for so many years, but found myself thinking I was turning into Gollum with his precious, if all I did was look at them now and then and say “someday . . . ”

My husband added the part about the underpants, and I just let it stand. I thought it was a hoot.
Stars that Dance

It took third in the Traditional Pieced category. It makes me smile when I look at it.

Last but not least, KaleidoStars is a baby quilt for a new baby on the way, sex unknown, but I loved these Indian batik fabrics we found down in the souks, and couldn’t wait to get my hands going on something that would show them off and let the lines and dots sing and move around the quilt. It’s all about the motion:


They’re all packed away now, except for KaleidoStars, which I need to mail soon, very soon. We are moving back to Qatar at the end of the month, and just today I finished packing up (AAARRGHHH!) the quilt room.


4 thoughts on “KTAA Annual Exhibition

  1. banyantreequilts says:

    . ‘Ursa Major’ is such an attractive quilt , and so many things are happening inside this quilt ,you can stand in front of it and stare for ever.I believed right from the beginning that this quilt is a winner..
    The stars that dance in underpants, Ha Ha Ha, It is a happy looking quilt and the title is just so funny.
    . congratulations for. well deserved wins.

    Shyamala Rao

  2. momcat says:

    I’ve been wondering what you were working on. I remember you talking about the Ursa Major quilt when I last saw you. I figured you had to be up to something because I think you are like me and when the pressure of a move is on, one must escape in a project. I have to get you a good picture of the wedding quilt pieced in 2 weeks. The quilter had it done in five more and I did the binding last weekend. The wedding is Saturday so I had five days to spare!

    Those are some fancy underpants–do they belong to your hubby?LOL!

  3. worldquilter says:

    LLOOLL, Shyamala, the best thing about you is you share my zany sense of humor. People are still talking about your quilt. You blew us all away! 🙂

    Yes! Yes, Momcat, that was exactly it! There were months of are we going? When might we be going and rather than get wrapped around the axel (flap flap flap) I just quilted! Now, I haven’t touched a thing except some buttons that needed sewing since the exhibit!

  4. […] It is a small quilt, a hanging or a table topper. It has a hanging sleeve. I made it for a church fund raiser, and it is related to Ursa Major. […]

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