He Loves My Backsides ;-)

“I really love this fabric,” said my husband, fingering a piece of faded fabric with giraffes striding across the plains. He had just finished telling me about a man he had met and they discovered they were both quilter’s husbands, so they had a lot to talk about, including “har har har” how their wifes said they could quilt when they retired.

“Good reason to keep working,” they concluded.

“Why is it so faded?” he asked, and I reminded him that we live in a bright sunny country, and I keep this quilt wrong side up on the bed so the front part doesn’t fade. I make my quilts to be used, not kept in some dark closet, preserved for the ages. I want my quilts to be worn out. We aren’t going to live forever. I don’t care about a legacy – I want people to enjoy using the quilts I give them. My husband says he wants to be buried in this one.

Sometimes when you are working on a quilt, there are fabrics you love, but they just don’t work in the quilt you are making. That’s what happened with these. I managed to use small scraps of them, but the scale of the giraffe and the guinea fowl was so large that they wouldn’t fit in the pattern I was using. Since this is the first Africa quilt, and I had no idea I would ever make another, I wanted to use up all the Africa / Africa theme fabrics.




“Show me the backing on the newest Africa Quilt” he demanded, so I showed him and he loved those fabrics, too.

He was with me when I bought this one in the airport in Lusaka:

These were pieces I added to complete the back. I am glad I am married to a man who can appreciate fabrics!




2 thoughts on “He Loves My Backsides ;-)

  1. I am in love with your fabrics ๐Ÿ™‚ and your quilts ! I have a lot of African fabrics too and yet they look different, mostly from Madagascar and West, Central Africa. although I spotted some similar ones in your quilts. This backing is simply fabulous.

  2. worldquilter says:

    I had to take another look at the backing, after reading your comment. Almost all the fabrics on the back are western ideas of African Fabric, except the fourth from the top, which is South African. They were collected over the years, from many different collections, so they aren’t so recognizable. I was given many true African prints by a friend who lived for a long time in Gabon; they are very wild prints and very large scale, most of them, so I use them sparingly in my quilts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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