Minutes to Spare

I can’t tell you off the top of my head the number of times I have moved. I guess I don’t want to think about it. It is always massive, lots of lists of things to do, lots to go through, chuck out, sell, pack up . . . I always think about the old joke about “How do you eat an elephant?” (Answer) One bite at a time.

With quilting, one bite at a time works, too. It’s how you actually get things finished. Here is just a short list of things you can do when you have ten minutes before you have to be out the door:

• design a block in your ever-present squared notebook

• figure out fabric requirements for the quilt size you want

• figure out how many strips of binding you will need for the quilt you need to get finished

• spin bobbins for your current project

• prepare some practice quilt bats for warming up before you quilt

• Practice a new quilting motif 🙂

• computer design a label for your quilt

• print off the label for copying later on the light table

• cut a binding

• attach a binding (be sure to wear an apron if you are already dressed for something special)

• clear off your sewing table

• sort your threads

• organize your needles (machine / metallic, hand quilting, embroidery)

• cut scraps into usable squares

• put away some fabrics

(DO NOT get started looking for just the right fabric! You can lose hours that way!)

Please! This list is not complete! Add YOUR suggestions for how a quilter can use ten extra minutes to make life easier and more organized!


2 thoughts on “Minutes to Spare

  1. momcat says:

    If you are working on any kind of sampler, take the few minutes to put what you need for a single block, to include the pattern, in a zip lock bag. If you do this for all the blocks then later, when you have a few minutes, you can whip up one block in a few minutes. I am doing a Dear Jane quilt which has over 200 small blocks, all different and with different techniques. While watching TV I have broken the blocks down to individual zip locks, have the paper piece patterns cut apart so all they need is to have the fabric cut and sewn, the ones with templates, the same, etc. and the fabric for each one is in the bag. So if I need a small applique block for watching TV everything is there to work on.

  2. worldquilter says:

    I like the way you think, Momcat.

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