True Vine

Wooo Hoooo! Found two more! I liked this project so much I did it again for a gal who was leaving. I might have to do one for myself one day. This one I challenged myself to use one piece of fabric, one very small piece (the grapes) as fully as possible. In the border is a quote from the gospel of John about the True Vine:


This one was a farewell quilt/hanging: 


6 thoughts on “True Vine

  1. momcat says:

    Wow–fabulous! I am thinking of taking up another applique project to work on with all my others, I just have to figure out what it should be. I signed up for a block of the month program at Bayside called the chain gang. It is one of those where if you finish the block of the month and bring it in, you get the next block free. The blocks end up making a single irish chain. There are 2 options to go with it to use as alternating blocks, one is paperpieced stars, which would be really easy, and the other is applique flowers something like hawaiian applique. I was going to do the stars but maybe the applique would satisfy my yearning and not require too much planning. I have several design things in the works so a simple execution project is always good.

  2. worldquilter says:

    I always like to have something appliqued going because it is easy to take-with and work on while you are sitting and chatting, etc. And before you know it, it is done!

    Piecing takes a long sit-down at the machine, but applique goes with you! I found I love grapes and grape leaves, and these grape vines are very forgiving . . . .;-)

  3. momcat says:

    And you do them so well. I am planning a mystery quilt for a class. There is a group of us that did a series mystery this last year of International quilts. The leader is opening a new shop and asked me if I could facilitate the group rather than her. I am calling the project “From Sea to Shining Sea” . I think it is going to be a progressive mystery–where we construct it something like a round robin, one round added each month for 6-8 months. What do you think?

  4. worldquilter says:

    Wow! I think you would be an excellent facilitator – you are a brilliant leader. And I love the “Sea to Shining Sea” theme.

    I found from doing a couple mysteries that I am too obsessive about controlling what color goes where to do well with a mystery quilt.

    LLLLOOOOLLLLLL at you taking on one more responsibility! Thinking those days were over! LLLLOOOOLLLLLLLLL!

  5. AJ says:

    I love incorperating a christian message into quilting. Great quilt!

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