My Bad ;-)

Like many quilters, I specialize in rationalization. As the last days of the year 2007 slipped away, I prepared for my January cutting and cleaning and organizing.  

As I was putting some fabric away, I came across an old friend I had forgotten. Hmmm. . . . . 6 repeats . . . . just enough to try that hexagon quilt technique again and see if I like the results any better . . . 

I had complained to my guild about the annoyance of working with one grain line and two bias lines when sewing these triangles together to form the hexagons and they said “Starch! starch! starch!” so I had a dilemma . . . here, in my hand is the perfect piece of material to try cutting out another hexagonal quilt.On the other hand, I could get a head start on the January cutting-up and organized. . .

I did what ANY hot blooded quilter would do – I got right to work on a new quilt top!


Bottom line – This technique is fun, the starch helped, but two quilts later, I don’t like it any better than I did before in terms of results. This is just Stack n’ Whack with a twist, and that twist is the putting together the hexagons in rows, arranging the colors, etc.

I am never quite satisfied that my efforts in this technique are particularly artistic, and I am not particularly delighted with the quilt top, although there are times it takes me a while and then one day I realize I love the quilt. Sigh – now either I have to sandwich or cut. It’s January. It’s 2008. One drudgery or another (although once I get started I actually enjoy it.) 


3 thoughts on “My Bad ;-)

  1. worldquilter says:

    uh oh. I don’t think I will start with sandwiching OR organizing – I think I will be taking out a boo boo. Can you see it? I didn’t see it until I had posted it here. Aaaarrrgh.

  2. momcat says:

    Hey, it was a Where’s Waldo challenge but I found it. By all means–unstitch and get it right. Then cut for a few hours then sandwich. Yeah, Baby, you can do it all. I can’t because everything is on the floor in my sewing room. Bummer.

    I can see where this technique might cause problems. I would have problems with symmetry. I so admire your discipline for doing your strips and squares. I am really into scrappy stuff now so I need to develop the same habit. Only I’m thinking it might be less onerous to do it once a quarter.

  3. worldquilter says:

    Good morning, Momcat!

    Yes, actually I do tend to do it more like twice a year than once a year. Depends on how messy the quilt room has gotten. It reaches a certain stage of chaos and I just HAVE to clean up or I can’t find what I need for the next project.

    Once the room is cleaned up, there is room for cutting!

    Yeh, today I’m going to fix that boo boo. It’s not that hard. (love you!)

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