French Sunshine

Wooo Hoooooo! Sometimes life just makes itself easy.

Last summer, just after I had started this blog, I showed my good friend from college days. We met in French class at a huge university, and ended up having three classes together – the only person I kept having the same classes with out of thousands.

By the grace of God, we have been friends ever since.

As she looked through quilts I had done, she came to the Stack N’ Whacks and said “WOW!”

I already knew I would be teaching a Stack N’ Whack class this year.

The following week, I came across the perfect fabric, and bought the rest of the bolt. How sweet it is. There was just exactly enough.

She lives where winters are long and dreary, and I wanted her to have warmth and sunshine in her quilt. I chose hot, wild colors to bring some tropical paradise into her long, wet winters. I am very happy with the result!






The quilt has flaws – just as I do. She will never notice. She will just think it is a great quilt. I thank God to be blessed with a friend like her.


2 thoughts on “French Sunshine

  1. momcat says:

    OK, I give in. I have never done a stack n whack. We need to have a quilt retreat here together so you can walk me thru one. I have the perfect place now, you just need to show up and I can cater to your every need–even some awesome quiltshops. This is fabulous! It looks like exotic fruit sherbets like mango and blueberry!

  2. worldquilter says:

    Oh Momcat, if you didn’t stop by I don’t think I would have any commenters!

    I would LOVE to teach you stack n’ whack. It is so much fun and the results are always full of motion. Let’s make it a plan.

    Look for a large scale print you just love, with lots going on, and a variety of colors. Using the side of the fabric with the color scale, make sure you have eight repeats of the pattern.

    You were with me when I bought this fabric in Kingston!

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