Elephant Temple Sari Quilted

Every now and then you take a risk. I was with people buying sari fabric at the LuLu Hypermarche in Doha, which, surprisingly, had a very good sari selecton, from the lower prices to the exquisite. My house guests loved going to the LuLu, and several bought sari fabrics at the LuLu dealer upstairs.

One time the salesman brought out sari fabric I had never seen before and never seen anything like it before – it was a creamy white, hand loomed, with gold metallic embellishments and weaving through it. At the end, where the fanciest part of the sari is, was a temple scene, all in gold and cream except for a row of umbrellas. The unbrellas were over elephant heads.

My Indian friends have told me it is an annual festival, held around February, in India where there are both elephants and unbrellas featured at one particular and very special temple. How totally fabulous is that?

I bought the fabric, I couldn’t resist. I have used all the lengths of creamy hand-woven fabric in countless ways, and the gold/cream trip of the sides was even in the Bride’s Bag, but the end – I sandwiched it and hand quilted it, and I use it as a wall hanging in my guest room. It never fails to give me joy with it’s serene, elegant and joyful colors.



4 thoughts on “Elephant Temple Sari Quilted

  1. Nima says:

    OMG…lovely to see Kerala sari quilt…i never expected to see such a lovely work with this sari..you can read about the festival thrissur pooram from this link


    i’m looking forward to make a quilt using silk sari…and reached your blog while browsing for ideas…i’m so excited to see your lovely work.

  2. worldquilter says:

    Nina, one of the joys of living in the Gulf for me has been stretching out and using non-traditional fabrics in my quilting. There is such a wealth of fabulous fabrics available in the Gulf. In Oman, by the way, I bought hand embroidered cuffs and fabrics from women in Sur, and indigo cloth from ‘the indigo dyer’.

    I’ve been making purses and bags, also, with the sari fabrics – they are so lush and vibrant! Good luck with your ideas, and I look forward to seeing them!

  3. paramjeet says:

    I am here yes sure enough your quilting room was/is fantastic

  4. worldquilter says:

    Paramjeet, my famous quilting friend, you are always welcome. I am always so happy to see you. 🙂

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