World Quilter

The one constant in my life is change. During my last move, the movers lost/stole/misplaced all my quilting books, including my quilt journal. A small thing, to many a meaningless thing, but to me – irreplacable.

You are always welcome to come by my virtual studio here and say hello. I will post my babies – you may find them ugly, but remember the Thumper rabbit rule, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuthin at all.” The truth is, I quilt for myself, not for you. If you say something mean, I will delete you!

Part of my reason for creating this site is for my own records, and a part is to share with other quilters. So please, you are welcome.

This is my self-portrait. People who know me tell me it looks just like me!

2 thoughts on “World Quilter

  1. jewaira says:

    your work is lovely

  2. Aiesha Khalid says:

    Going thru this blog just by surfing and knew I know you but the africa quilt and potrait confirmed you are the same great leader we had for quilt group. Thank you I enjoyed reading and your kalediscope lesson plan is great.
    See you

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