9/11 Quilt


This is the second of two, the first I made for my nephew, with whom I shared September 11th. We shared a bathroom. He said “Hey, did you see a plane just flew into the World Trade Center?” and I rushed to his room to see the early morning news. “That can’t be an accident,” I said, it isn’t easy to hit a building like that. And just then, the second plane hit.

Like the rest of the world, we were glued to the TV, wondering what next tragedy would evolve. It shattered our serenity, to watch the buildings just collapse, “pancaking”.

I actually made three quilts in the resonance of that event, one I started as we watched TV, a counter to the horror we were watching, one I made for my nephew and one I have kept for myself. The border fabric was a serendipitious find, with I think seven different cities skylines, including New York – with the world trade towers – and Washington, where the terrorists hit the pentagon.

The pattern was uploaded to the internet on the old AOL Quilt site, and I can’t remember who designed it, only that she was kind, and generous, and gave the pattern and instructions free to all of us. I am sure she called it something like “And Proudly Still Waves.”


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